Saturday, April 1, 2017

Gehennah - Hardrocker (1995)

God-tier Swedish old-school black/thrash. Gehennah (not Gehenna, mind you) are what would happen if Venom dropped the pretense of being serious and focused on fighting and partying 'til they puked. Punk-friendly thrash debauchery that maintains a sense of humor throughout but never forgets to be, first and foremost, fucking vicious. The album ends with a one-two punch of misogyny, and I wish it didn't, but it's just too killer a record to write off.

Also, I just found out that they put out an album last year, and their song title game is stronger than ever -- for example, there's "We Stole Your Song", "Low on Cash, High on Speed", and "All of the Decadence, None of the Success". Cop it or die unfulfilled.

Track listing:
1. Hardrocker
2. Skeletons in Leather
3. Say Hello to Mr. Fist
4. Brilliant Overlords of Destruction
5. Winter of War
6. Beerzerk
7. I Am the Wolf
8. Blood Metal
9. Crucifucked
10. Bombraid Over Paradise
11. The House
12. Gehennah
13. Piss Off, I'm Drinkin'
14. Psycho Slut

My life is metal, chaos, and death

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  1. Checked out the other Gehenna too. Malice fucking RULES.