Saturday, April 8, 2017

Ululate - We Are Going to Eat You!!! (2002)

Fucked-up, anti-social Chinese raw black metal. Sloppy, out-of-tune guitars that at times sound like they're playing two different songs simultaneously, deranged shrieks, spooky keyboards, and an overall pretty goddamn gross feel. The perfect accompaniment to all the puking I've been doing this week.

Track listing:
1. Epic March
2. Lunch-Carrion
3. Sloughy Radio
4. Galaxy-Cracked Solitude
5. Human Beings Are Bull Shit, I Don't Want to Be with Them
6. Death Passes the World Like This
7. Lost Wisdom [Burzum cover]
8. Undead Avenger
9. Epilogue - The Beginning of a New Nightmare

I hope you rot in hell

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