Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Espers - Espers (2003)

A phenomenal debut album of dark, far-out, but polished psych folk. I saw Espers right after this album came out (my sister's band opened for them) at a small restaurant/venue in Baltimore and to this day it remains one of the most mesmerizing sets I've witnessed. I'm including in the download "Under the Waterfall", the b-side to the "Riding" single, because it's really good.

Track listing:
1. Flowery Noontide
2. Meadow
3. Riding
4. Voices
5. Hearts and Daggers
6. Byss and Abyss
7. Daughter
8. Travel Mountains

Between your red and golden skin
Most innocently

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  1. Espers are just totally freakin' mind blowing. Marianne Faithfull covered their song Children of Stone. It's on youtube - amazing. My understanding is that Greg Weeks got sick of the musicians life, and became a high school teacher in philly. Meg moved to the SF Bay area. The rest are "around".