Friday, December 4, 2015

Masochist - History (2007)

Raw, thrash-y, blasphemous US black metal. History collects Masochist's entire discography, which consists of a handful of demos and an EP, recorded between '92 and '95. KULT.

Track listing:
-Disc One-
1. Black Church Bells Ring
2. Eve of Anti-Creation
3. Intro (The Blessing)
4. Feast of the Goat
5. Tho Shall Not Mourn
6. Servants of Satan
7. Outro
8. Intro / Feast of the Goat
9. Mistress of Deception (O.B.I.T.C.)
10. Deface the Nazarene
11. Trinity of the Whore
12. The Satanic Baptism
13. Outro (Cold Blaze of the Northern Winds)
14. Intro
15. Fuck Your God
16. Bleed for Thy Sins
17. Intro (Deliver Us Unto Temptation)
18. Frost of the Diabolical Forest
19. Bleed for Thy Sins
20. Intro / Sucking the Tongue of...
21. Outro
-Disc Two-
1. Intro (Deliver Us Unto Temptation)
2. Black Church Bells Ring
3. Eve of Anti-Creation
4. Blasphemer [Sodom cover]
5. Countess Bathory [Venom cover]
6. Frost of the Diabolical Forest
7. Sucking the Tongue of the Ancient...
8. Intro (Irreligious Summoning)
9. The Satanic Baptism
10. Outro

My life begins at midnight twelve
Masturbate to kill myself

Bestial Summoning -
The Dark War Has Begun (1992)
Profanatica -
The Enemy of Virtue (2006)

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