Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Monade - Socialisme Ou Barbarie (The Bedroom Recordings) (2003)

McCarthy - I Am a Wallet (1987) + Banking, Violence, and the Inner Life Today (1990)
Stereolab - Switched On (1992)
Lætitia Sadier - The Trip (2010)

First album from this Lætitia Sadier (of Stereolab, doi-oi-oi) side project. Sounds like a collection of laid-back, (almost) all French language Stereolab joints. I love everything that this woman does.

Track listing:
1. Enfin Seule
2. Cache Cache
3. Vent du Sud
4. Un Secret Sans Importance
5. Witch Hazel
6. Un Express
7. Sunrise Telling
8. Boite en Carton
9. La Carotte De L'Humanité
10. Graine De Beauté
11. Ode to a Keyring
12. The Swimm
13. Ode to a Keyring (Original) [bonus track]

As the waves lash away at your skull


  1. RIVENDELL „OCELOT the Spirit of Artistics” I try to find from long time but I cant get this...

  2. Nice one, never heard this! And haven't been into Stereolab for years - maybe now's the time to revisit.

  3. Thanks! I've been looking for this.

  4. Check what I found


    Who know where we can download this?