Tuesday, June 11, 2013

McCarthy - I Am a Wallet (1987) + Banking, Violence, and the Inner Life Today (1990)

McCarthy made bouncy, highly enjoyable, Smiths/R.E.M.-style jangle pop with anti-capitalist, pro-communist, often highly satirical lyrics. Very strange. A pre-Stereolab Lætitia Sadier (bandleader Malcolm Eden's girlfriend at the time) provided backing vocals on their last album, Banking, Violence, and the Inner Life Today, which found them moving musically into darker, more experimental territory.

Track listing:
-I Am a Wallet-
1. An MP Speaks
2. Monetaries
3. The International Narcotics Traffic
4. The Way of the World
5. Antinature
6. Charles Windsor
7. The Vision of Peregrine Worsthorne
8. The Well of Loneliness
9. The Wicked Palace Revolution
10. God Made the Virus
11. The Funeral
12. A Child Soon in Chains
13. In the Dark Times
14. The Procession of Popular Capitalism
-Banking, Violence, and the Inner Life Today
1. I'm on the Side of Mankind as Much as the Next Man
2. And Tomorrow the Stock Exchange Will Be the Human Race
3. Now Is the Time for an Iron Hand
4. The Drinking Song of the Merchant Bankers
5. Write to Your MP Today
6. Use a Bank I'd Rather Die
7. I Worked Myself Up for Nothing
8. The Well-Fed Point of View
9. Get a Knife Between Your Teeth
10. Take the Shortest Way with the Men of Violence
11. You'll Have to Put an End to Them

Revenge is so sweet...
...to those who have never known anything sweet