Wednesday, April 5, 2017

THP - THP #2: Tender Is the Night (1978)

Immaculate, relentless, coked-out disco grooves courtesy of Toronto-based duo THP. Pretty much the chic, cocaine-driven equivalent of a hippy jam band.

Track listing:
1. Weekend Two-Step
2. Tender Is the Night
3. Half as Nice
4. Music Is All You Need

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  1. Dude: Please help me steer my luxury yacht, as I am far too trashed on coke and Hennessy to navigate these treacherous waters.
    Woman in Black Dress: We haven't left the dock yet. You know this, right?
    Woman Sitting Behind "Captain": Steady as she goes, T.
    Someone on the Amazon listing for a two-fer pairing this plus another THP album described this artist as "one of my favorite groups." Imagine what sort of life that person must lead.