Monday, January 27, 2020

Danielle Dax - Inky Bloaters (1987)

My favorite of Danielle Dax's solo records. Driving, forceful, psychedelic, and all-in-all weird, but relatively accessible art rock by an artist that never quite picked up the same kind of fan base as some of her like-minded peers -- Kate Bush and Siouxsie come to mind. Possibly because she's also the kind of artist who writes songs about American slavery called "Evil-Honky Stomp" that prominently feature the 'N' word. Whoopsy-daisy.

Track listing:
1. Flashback
2. Funtime
3. Inky Bloaters
4. Sleep Has No Property
5. Bad Miss 'M'
6. Big Hollow Man
7. Brimstone in a Barren Land
8. Where the Flies Are
9. Born to Be Bad
10. Fizzing Human-Bomb
11. Yummer-Yummer Man

All you gotta do is pray
And furnish his house with silver

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  1. I think Danielle Dax's "failure" (in quotes because I don't think she is actually to blame) to hit it bigger has less to do with "Evil Honky Stomp" and more to do with the record buying public's failure to grasp her particularly weird brand of dark twee.

    1. This is probably true. "Evil Honky Stomp" definitely didn't help though.

    2. Subject matter and her way with words...yeah. I also think that the alternative mainstream (yes, there was and is such a thing) didn't particularly appreciate her doing so many things herself and just wanted her to concentrate on doing one thing well. In the process, they were unable to appreciate her larger artistic statement - one of those "couldn't see the forest for the trees" deals.

  2. I love this album. I'm glad you've heard of it. Sleep Has No Property is a keeper.