Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Kenichiro Isoda (磯田健一郎) - クラムボンの瞑想 (1990)

Absolutely breathtaking new age from Japanese composer Kenichiro Isoda. I'm still buried way too deep in schoolwork hell to feel anything but mildly anxious at best, but this is at least reminding me that tranquility still exists, and I'll probably get there again at some point.

Track listing:
1. クラムボンの暝想 (with Stream)
2. 青い幻燈 (with Stream)
3. 水車小屋について (with Stream & Birds)
4. ゴーシュの夜 (with Raindrops)

Good morning

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  1. Thanks for this. Hope you find the tranquility soon.

  2. i hope you retain the required information, friend.

  3. A new discovery, so great to know about this artist

  4. Ohhhhhhh man. I love this guy! Have you ever checked out fondsound (an amazing music blog for fourth world/ambient/etc. that I check along with yours)? Also, Takashi Kokubo's Gaudi's Dream as well as The Day I Saw the Rainbow (Elegant Harp) are two albums of "adult lullaby music" that exist in this same world.

  5. Bro, I hope u don´t ghost your family anymore! They need you!Show
    ´em some love!

    1. I talk to my family pretty regularly. Was just texting with my dad about Filipino alt rock, which he's become enamored with recently. I've taken that part out of my bio, it was mostly in there to get the point across that I'm probably not going to respond to a lot of random emails, not to highlight estrangement from my family. I do appreciate your concern, sincerely.