Monday, June 29, 2020

Popol Vuh - Messa di Orfeo (1999)

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Soothing aural meditations from the great Popol Vuh. Drifting synths, gentle voices, and buzzing bees (among other nature sounds.) A brief but much-needed reprieve from this toilet earth.

Track listing:
1. Deep in the Ocean of Love
2. Strofa 1
3. Nascita dell'ape
4. Strofa 2
5. Dall'origine al divenire
6. Strofa 3
7. Strofa 4
8. Primo Movimento
9. Strofa 5

Wind of the stars in their eyes

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  1. Hello, I'd really appreciate it if I could send you an Album I've just finished. It's experimental and I'd like to hear your thoughts about it

  2. Toilet earth indeed, that pretty much sums it up. I'm trying not to do anything stupid & permanent to be honest; music has always kept me going over the years when everything fckn else failed but sometimes the hell & anhedonia strips me of even that one blissful escape. For now I'm looking forward to distracting myself with Popol Vuh, entirely new to me I have to confess. Curious to find out if this "Orphic Mass" is more than just the title & actually follows structurally the traditional setting - there are 5 Strofa (stanzas?) so that hints at least at the 5 typical (main) mvts of a mass. In any event, thank you D_S I'm sure I'll dig it whatever it is. Oh & for no good reason really the (band's) name made me think of Pop Will Eat Itself....yes, 'Popol' was enough to do it. Great story huh? I do miss those formative yrs. ~~Regards

    1. I'm not certain as I don't know the structure of a mass, but it certainly plays like one. If you're new to Popol Vuh, definitely look into the earlier stuff, this one's way less essential. Sorry you're going through it, keep your head up.

    2. Yes thank you for this!

      If this does indeed follow the 5 stanzas structure of an orphic mass (something out of my vocabulary) I will be better for it listening to this and hearing more classic and choir music of such nature.

      I'm sure it is more deserving of the title neo-classical as opposed to much martial/neo-folk!

  3. Many thanks for this and all the other wonderful albums you share with us is very much appreciated my friend.....hope you are all keeping wishes Stu

  4. Ah, This Toilet Earth. My favorite (unpopular opinion) GWAR album. \m/

    1. Not a bad opinion at all! If I had to pick one, I think it'd be America Must Be Destroyed, but really anything from Scumdogs to Ragnarok would be an acceptable pick.

    2. Well, I think America Must Be Destroyed is probably a better album,in all honesty. I have a certain nostalgia with This Toilet Earth. But yeah, I agree about that timeline. \m/ Hell yeah. \m/

  5. Yes sir, a surprisingly good Vuh album from the late period. And we're not in Hell yet!