Thursday, May 17, 2018

Blessed Sickness - Massacre the Holy (1994)

Raw old school Cleveland death metal filth. Massacre the Holy has somehow avoided any form of reissue, and thus far has only ever been released on cassette. If anyone reading this runs a label, I recommend tracking one of these dudes down and making it happen.

Track listing:
1. The Butcher
2. Modern Day Cannibal
3. Exhumed
4. Un-Reality
5. Demonhead
6. Massacre the Holy
7. Missing Pieces
8. Without a Trace
9. Amputated Offerings

I believe in nothing

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  1. This is how I think of you: you're in a hammock on the porch, barely visible through the fog of ganja smoke, mellowing out to some dreamy minimal ambient dub. CUT TO: It's you - but you're a fucking ORC scything elves' heads off with a giant rusty thrash metal band logo, and there's this HORRIBLE HARSH NOISE screaming from a blood-spattered boombox. A second later, you're back in the hammock.



    1. I love this. Best comment I've ever gotten on here. I want to give you some sort of prize

    2. Hahaha. That was awesome.

  2. Thank'ee kindly! May I choose my prize? I'd like either a fish supper with all the trimmings, or two thousand dollars.

    1. Cool no problem, follow this link to collect your $2000:

    2. Gee! You're the best friend a guy could ever have! *snurfle*! I'm gonna buy me a LAMP! And some new footwell mats for my Ranchero! And if I have any money left, I'm gonna buy me a bunch of BUM FIGHT VHS TAPES and invite you round for pretzels!!