Thursday, May 31, 2018

Robedoor / Husere Grav - Robedoor / Husere Grav [Split] (2008)

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Excellent split cassette by raw dark psych/drone/noise/what-have-you band Robedoor and black drone project Husere Grav. Robedoor lead off with a slowburning monolith of eerie, ritualistic psych, followed by a murky cauldron of narcotizing black slime, courtesy of Husere Grav.

Track listing:
1. Robedoor - Terminal Abomination
2. Husere Grav - Awakening
3. Husere Grav - Heart Problems
4. Husere Grav - Silver Mist
5. Husere Grav - This Is Forever
6. Husere Grav - Falling from the Sky

Fog of God

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