Friday, May 11, 2018

Sleep ∞ Over - Forever (2011)

Gorgeous, hazily melancholic dream pop with a lo-fi sheen. Angelic vocals, shimmering synths, gauzy guitars, and simple drum machines, all drenched in reverb, with a few pitstops in full-on abstract ambient territory along the way. If I end up making a best-of-the-decade list next year, this'll be on it.

Track listing:
1. Behind Closed Doors
2. Romantics Streams
3. Porcelain Hands
4. The Heavens Turn by Themselves
5. Casual Diamond
6. Cryingame
7. Flying Saucers Are Real
8. Stickers
9. Untitled
10. Don't Poison Everything

I want to be alone

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  1. Carli who did some of the vocals & synths moved onto a really cool mostly-solo project called Boy Friend for a while after this. Check em out too.
    She was also in some indie pop synth band called Belaire that's adorable as fuck and was in some documentary about Austin in the early 2000s.

  2. Sleep ∞ Over also did a split or two with Pure X/Ecstasy. Good shit.

  3. Their "Outer Limits" single is so good! Never could get in to "Forever". I may give it another spin based on your rec. Love the blog, cheers!