Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Paul Speer - Collection 983: Spectral Voyages (1984)

Lovely, soothing yet energizing sounds from American guitarist Paul Speer. Chiming guitars, a mantra-like rhythm section, subtle sax, and lush synths, plus some nature sounds for good measure. The songs almost sound like extended intros, riding single-chord ring-outs for the entirety of their duration, and relying on subtle shifts in instrumentation and intensity for movement.

Track listing:
1. Vivace
2. Lento
3. Allegro
4. Andante

I'm still here

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  1. Kudos to you man! This is another one hardly anyone remembers. Before he went all out new age with David Lanz! Cosmic voyage of guitars and a Prophet synths(I think thats all he used here).

  2. This is just fantastic.

    1. Right? I bought the LP based on the artwork, and when I got it home I seriously couldn't believe how good it was.

  3. I bought my copy on a cut out bin! Then a over priced cdr from Speer years ago because my lp got trashed! Dont know what happened to that disc but appreciate your ripping this into digital format for us.