Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Paul Speer - Collection 983: Spectral Voyages (1984)

Lovely, soothing yet energizing sounds from American guitarist Paul Speer. Chiming guitars, a mantra-like rhythm section, subtle sax, and lush synths, plus some nature sounds for good measure. The songs almost sound like extended intros, riding single-chord ring-outs for the entirety of their duration, and relying on subtle shifts in instrumentation and intensity for movement.

Track listing:
1. Vivace
2. Lento
3. Allegro
4. Andante

I'm still here

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  1. Kudos to you man! This is another one hardly anyone remembers. Before he went all out new age with David Lanz! Cosmic voyage of guitars and a Prophet synths(I think thats all he used here).

  2. This is just fantastic.

    1. Right? I bought the LP based on the artwork, and when I got it home I seriously couldn't believe how good it was.

  3. I bought my copy on a cut out bin! Then a over priced cdr from Speer years ago because my lp got trashed! Dont know what happened to that disc but appreciate your ripping this into digital format for us.

  4. Thank you very much !!! This is really good music !!!