Friday, May 18, 2018

Pan•American - Quiet City (2004)

A haunting, quietly stunning fusion of abstract, low-key post-rock/slowcore and glitchy ambient. Crystalline guitars, ghostly drones, crackling static, fragile-sounding electronics, minimal percussion, and occasional whispery vocals. Listening to Quiet City shortly after it came out, while under the influence of cough syrup, weed, and a severe fever, remains one of the most transcendent music listening experiences of my life -- pretty sure I levitated.

Track listing:
1. Before
2. Smallholding
3. Wing
4. Inside Elevation
5. Hall and Skylight
6. Lights on Water
7. Retouch
8. Christo en Pilsen

The river made no sound

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  1. Wow i thought i heard all of the Pan American releases.

  2. Hi do you have Pan American - For Waiting, For Chasing?

    1. Yup:!9LpAySLI!raDiZd5gdOrEdvUNChxXZYuG9VphBWaZG3RvfWp3f0c

  3. Great record! Thank you for this one
    Do you also have Füxa "Modified Mechanics of This Device"?
    (allmusic says it sounds like My Bloody Valentine (!) and Suicide, so I would love to check this out)

    1. Yes I do, great record:!CBJUDCrC!LfdQbIEWp4V_UOxlozMMV9aXGUUFRdF9nUEiBOndbjI

  4. Thank you so much! (and my felicitations for the amazing music on your blog!)