Friday, May 18, 2018

Pan•American - Quiet City (2004)

A haunting, quietly stunning fusion of abstract, low-key post-rock/slowcore and glitchy ambient. Crystalline guitars, ghostly drones, crackling static, fragile-sounding electronics, minimal percussion, and occasional whispery vocals. Listening to Quiet City shortly after it came out, while under the influence of cough syrup, weed, and a severe fever, remains one of the most transcendent music listening experiences of my life -- pretty sure I levitated.

Track listing:
1. Before
2. Smallholding
3. Wing
4. Inside Elevation
5. Hall and Skylight
6. Lights on Water
7. Retouch
8. Christo en Pilsen

The river made no sound

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  1. Wow i thought i heard all of the Pan American releases.

  2. Hi do you have Pan American - For Waiting, For Chasing?

    1. Yup:!9LpAySLI!raDiZd5gdOrEdvUNChxXZYuG9VphBWaZG3RvfWp3f0c