Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Chad VanGaalen - Skelliconnection (2006)

The remarkable sophomore album by Canadian indie rocker Chad VanGaalen. Skelliconnection is the kind of album that sounds like a brain exploding with ideas -- colorful, earnest, energetic, and scatterbrained in all the right ways -- whose exuberance is matched only by its existential dread. I heard VanGaalen for the first time like a month ago and I feel legitimately bad for having slept on him for this long, so I'm making up for it by trying to get as many people listening to him as possible.

Also, thanks to "aaarg" in the comments section, I now know that VanGaalen makes trippy-ass animations like this one:

Track listing:
1. Flower Gardens
2. Burn 2 Ash
3. Red Hot Drops
4. Rolling Thunder
5. Viking Rainbow
6. Gubbish
7. Dandruff
8. Wing Finger
9. See-Thru-Skin
10. Wind Driving Dogs
11. Mini T.V.'s
12. Graveyard
13. Dead Ends
14. Sing Me 2 Sleep
15. Systemic Heart

Crazy for everything

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  1. i'll give it a go - thx!!

  2. vangaalen is amazing. soft airplane is his best.
    if you're at all a fan of animation, watch all of his videos and his sci-fi short TARBOZ.
    i've been trying to turn people on to cvg for like a decade now and it's great to see others doing the same <3<3<3

    1. Holy shit, watching TARBOZ on the big screen as I type, this is so fucking great. Probably gonna embed it in my post. Thanks so much for the heads-up!!

  3. I've only seen some snippets, but that video is insane!