Saturday, May 26, 2018

Wintermoon - Reh. Demo 1/1995 + The Mightiest Stand Above (1995)

Two lo-fi demos of warped, ritualistic Finnish black metal. Sounds like it kinda wants to be epic, melodic black metal, but someone shot them full of morphine. Watery keyboards, delay-heavy rasps, sparse interludes, disjointed songwriting, and generally slower tempos.

Track listing:
   -Reh. Demo 1/1995-
1. Under the Wintermoon
2. ... And Snow Covered Hills
3. Wind Through the Battle of Souls
4. Faunus
5. The Forest Calls Me
   -The Mightiest Stand Above-
1. First Journey... (Intro)
2. Night So Cryptic Is All Mine
3. Our Once Proud Northern Land
4. Final Journey... (Carries)

Whispers from the past

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  1. Fuck yes! Finnish dark metal glory!

  2. "Watery keyboards, delay-heavy rasps, sparse interludes, disjointed songwriting ..."

    Those fun-lovin' Finns! Apparently these guys were the Finnish Monkees. They had their own Saturday morning TV show, where every week the whacky foursome got lost in a dark forest and were disemboweled by insane ghost-lizards. But so many pre-teens committed suicide after watching the show it got cancelled after only fourteen series.