Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Megaptera - Near Death (1991)

Swedish raw industrial/dark ambient. Kick drum loops, minimal synth, samples, and yawning drones. My track listing doesn't seem to match up with either of the versions on Discogs, but it's what I'm used to so it's what you're getting.

Track listing:
1. My Lonely Brain
2. Illusion
3. Faith Is a Natural Life Force
4. Face the Pain
5. Horse Benediction
6. Power Failure
7. Immortality
8. Waste Inside
9. Fabrique
10. Kranium

And they were healed, every one!

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  1. Is this the same group that have the four track album "Nailed on Vinyl" (2014)?

  2. Curse of the scarecrow and beautiful chaos were excellent. Is this his first?

  3. I discovered this band through the Death Odors compilation, quite a time ago! Thank you very much for this upload! (and if you have some rips of Death Odors too, that would be really nice :D)