Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Minimal Man - Sex with God (1985)

Phenomenal, creepy minimal/coldwave. Grim, echoing vocals over sparse drum loops, eerie, layered synths, and warped, crystalline guitars, to hypnotizing, if disconcerting effect.

Track listing:
1. He/She
2. Touch
3. I Can See
4. Sex Teacher
5. A Better World
6. To Hold You
7. Sheet Show
8. Cheap Motel
9. Fuck Me

No defense

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  1. you and i have a psychic connection
    you always seem to post music that has a topical comment on my present
    big thanks
    and as always
    much love

  2. I think that between yesterday and today I must have spent about 2 hours logged onto your site, just staring at that beautiful cover art and contemplating the album's fantastic title.