Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Minimal Man - Sex with God (1985)

Phenomenal, creepy minimal/coldwave. Grim, echoing vocals over sparse drum loops, eerie, layered synths, and warped, crystalline guitars, to hypnotizing, if disconcerting effect.

Track listing:
1. He/She
2. Touch
3. I Can See
4. Sex Teacher
5. A Better World
6. To Hold You
7. Sheet Show
8. Cheap Motel
9. Fuck Me

No defense

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  1. you and i have a psychic connection
    you always seem to post music that has a topical comment on my present
    big thanks
    and as always
    much love

  2. I think that between yesterday and today I must have spent about 2 hours logged onto your site, just staring at that beautiful cover art and contemplating the album's fantastic title.

  3. I'm amazed at this band name, album title and artwork AND song titles.
    Your blog is excellent. I love coming back after a few months and seeing the brilliant additions.