Saturday, May 26, 2018

Horace Tapscott & the Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra (1978)

Mind-blowing avant-garde/free jazz performed by a 14 or 15-piece orchestra led by pianist Horace Tapscott. On the massive title track, discordant chaos reigns over warped, breakneck grooves, while elsewhere, a somewhat lighter approach takes hold.

Track listing:
1. Flight 17
2. Breeze
3. Horacio
4. Clarisse
5. Maui


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  1. Your blog is essential to my life...!!

  2. The only Tapscott I have heard are a few tracks from a 1969 quintet LP called 'The Giant Is Awakened'. This will be great to listen to. Many thanks!


  3. Hearty thanks for the post. Horace Tapscott is an important jazz cat that I know little about, and any description of jazz--or anything else--that includes "discordant chaos" is a trigger to hit the DL button. Much thanks for everything you do.

  4. Hi great work from your side. There is a repress underway for The Call. And a launch party to accompany re-release. Pax