Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Deathbell - With the Beyond (2018)

French occult psych-doom. There is currently an overabundance of retro-cool doom metal that, one way or another, probably traces its roots back to Electric Wizard (obviously, Black Sabbath is a given.) So what makes Deathbell any different? Well, not much.

But for one, there's a lady vocalist, and a shit-ton of reverb on the vocals, which helps in making for an otherworldly, almost god-like quality. Which leads me to number two: they sound like they're serious, and actually wrote songs with considerations for things like composition, dynamics, and conceptuality, as opposed to a bunch of stoned dude-bros jamming out and singing about voodoo women and space travel. And three: keyboards, keyboards, keyboards.

So, in conclusion: this is a great album. And it's free/name your price on bandcamp.

Track listing:
1. With the Beyond
2. Emerald Eyes Shine
3. Come to Trouble
4. Over the Rim
5. They Still Wander
6. Rise from Your Grave

Gates of the promised world
Did unseal the night

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