Monday, May 28, 2018

N.O.D. - Niggaz of Destruction (1996)

Tommy Wright III - On the Run (1996)

World-fucking underground Memphis rap with at least one foot in horrorcore territory. Pretty sure I've actually managed to track down a rip of a 10/10 tape that doesn't originate from the Mid 90s Memphis Underground Rap Tapes blog.

Track listing:
1. No Fear
2. Tini Lame
3. Fuck da World
4. Bud Keep Me Fiendin' Pt. 3
5. Niggaz of Destruction
6. Fugitive

We ain't scare to catch a case
And we ain't scared to D-I-E

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  1. Nice, I didn't know this existed. Been getting into Tommy Wrights stuff lately. Incredible how much influence he has on modern day rap. Everything down to the flow.