Monday, May 28, 2018

N.O.D. - Niggaz of Destruction (1996)

Tommy Wright III - On the Run (1996)

World-fucking underground Memphis rap with at least one foot in horrorcore territory. Pretty sure I've actually managed to track down a rip of a 10/10 tape that doesn't originate from the Mid 90s Memphis Underground Rap Tapes blog.

Track listing:
1. No Fear
2. Tini Lame
3. Fuck da World
4. Bud Keep Me Fiendin' Pt. 3
5. Niggaz of Destruction
6. Fugitive

We ain't scare to catch a case
And we ain't scared to D-I-E

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  1. Nice, I didn't know this existed. Been getting into Tommy Wrights stuff lately. Incredible how much influence he has on modern day rap. Everything down to the flow.

  2. ty for sharing this rip it sounds so much better!