Sunday, May 27, 2018

Vrolok - Resurgence III: Order of the Sphere (2007)

Sick - Filth and Ugliness (2005)
Vomit Orchestra - Void Paradigm (2005)
Vrolok - Void (The Divine Abortion) (2007)

Unsettling US experimental black metal. Dissonant, nauseous guitars, stuttering drum machines, anxious, distorted howls, and an album-ending monolith of pure, minimal, pitch-black drone that makes Sunn O))) sound lively. According to the liner notes, Resurgence III was recorded over the course of four consecutive sleepless days and nights, and that's exactly how it sounds.

Track listing:
1. Concerning the Human Entity and Its Absolute Denial of the Chaotic Spiritual
2. The True Elements of the Afterlife and the Elimination of False Hope Prevalent Throughout Organized Religion
3. The Machinery of the Inner Eye
4. Without Nomenclature
5. The Incarnate Form of Black Ecstasy and Rapture, Visual Purgatory

Infinite lucidity

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