Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Luna - The Days of Our Nights (1999)

Luna was formed by guitarist/singer Dean Wareham following the breakup of the much-loved Galaxie 500. Their sound is quite laid back, almost lounge-y at times, marked by crystalline guitar tones and Wareham's nasally, earnest but restrained delivery. The Days of Our Nights is the first Luna album I ever heard, and it's still my favorite - that's how it goes, right? I honestly think it's their best, though. Perfect music for getting stoned and fooling around with your boy/girl/other friend.

Track listing:
1. Dear Diary
2. Hello, Little One
3. The Old Fashioned Way
4. Four Thousand Days
5. Seven Steps to Satan
6. Superfreaky Memories
7. Math Whiz
8. Words Without Wrinkles
9. The Rustler
10. US Out of My Pants!
11. The Slow Song
12. Sweet Child O' Mine

I was only joking


  1. Oh hell no this is not their best. Lunapark blows this away IMO

  2. please re-up. I bought the wrong (too commerial) one when I first heard of this, their post-galaxy 500 incarnation, 'cus nothin' else of them was available in my record shop (early 90ies ?). Thanks. Uplifting blog !!

  3. thank you! I am a huge Galaxie 500 fan, and Luna's discography has been overwhelming. This is a great place to start.