Monday, December 30, 2013

Melvins - Eggnog EP (1991)

Here's a 'lil late Christmas present courtesy of arguably the greatest experimental sludge band of all time. Released between the classic Bullhead and Lysol LPs, the Eggnog EP starts with three tracks of PRIME, Bullhead-style tracks (i.e. idiosyncratic, buttrock-infused sludge), before heading into darker, droning territory with the mammoth "Charmicarmicat: Bastards". Needless to say, it's a must-have for any fan of weird, heavy music. Plus, because it's a beautiful time for giving, I'm including "Instant Larry", a should-be classic tune that ended up on the (pretty fucking awesome, as I recall) soundtrack to the first Tales from the Crypt movie.

Track listing:
1. Wispy: I Don't Know But I Don't Feel So Good
2. Antitoxidote: Pigs Don't Let It
3. Hog Leg: Like Stee, Moanin' Ludlow
4. Charmicarmicat: Bastards
5. Instant Larry [OPIUM HUM bonus]

We can go to church and you're naked
Over the foul of the air and fire
Of course, people said, "They're drunk!"
And this, my friend, is my prayer for you

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