Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bill Horist - Soylent Radio (1997)

First album from experimental guitarist Bill Horist. Droning soundscapes, clattering guitars, distorted samples, and more weave uneasy, oddly entertaining sonic tales.

Track listing:
1. Soylent Radio
2. The Teeth of Our Skin - Part 1
3. Clowder
4. The Teeth of Our Skin - Part 2
5. 3 Cloven Staircase
6. Epilepticify
7. Penumbra Hotem

Here in the air

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  1. Don't know him, thanks so much for the introduction. Looking forward to exploring this one.

  2. I spent much of the weekend on this blog. Spent, not wasted. You're one damned fine curator, and once I can get paid again I'm going to try and foist some dollars on the folks who made this incredible music. Respect!

  3. This is very, very good indeed. Thanks for the intro!