Thursday, February 23, 2017

Moose - Sonny & Sam (1991)

Sweet, psychedelic British shoegaze/indie rock. Sonny & Sam collects songs from various early singles released over the course of the same year that it came out, and if it counts, it's my favorite Moose album.

Track listing:
1. Last Night I Fell Again
2. This River Will Never Run Dry
3. Do You Remember?
4. Jack
5. Ballad of Adam & Eve
6. Suzanne
7. Butterfly Collector

I'm your child
Make me blush
Drive me wild

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  1. This is straight up the only Moose stuff I like but I think you're probably better off jacking all three early EPs and making an album out of them than having this, only because this is the same thing but it's missing songs. That's the Cool Breeze, Jack, and Reprise EPs specifically. All of that shit is fucking magic and essential 'gaze.

  2. I absolutely agree, their first three eps are incredible then they disappeared into indie mediocrity. It's weird how the scene/genre killed itself for over ten years, that was just the pace of music back then. Punk > post punk > indie > madchester > shoegaze > Britpop > drum n bass > then nothing original since. I've compiled their first 3 eps into an album simply called 'The First 3 EPs' (how creative).