Saturday, May 19, 2018

Dark Tribe ‎– In Jeraspunta - Die Rückkehr der tollwütigen Bestie (2004)

German black metal. In Jeraspunta is a true unsung masterpiece -- chaotic and dissonant, with shrieking vocals and an anxiety-inducing sense of unpredictability, all topped off with cerebral, claustrophobic production. No hyperbole: one of my favorite black metal records.

Track listing:
1. Nothing as Darkness
2. The Seed
3. The Unknown Light
4. Crimson Storm
5. Iron Grave
6. Burning Hate
7. The Seed Is Rising
8. Die Rückkehr der tollwütigen Bestie
9. In Jeraspunta

Scream my bloody face

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  1. God damn right...excellent band. I didnt know they recently signed to Listenable. Interesting.

  2. Can you make a list of your favorite black metal albums?

    1. Already working on it, hope to finish and post it within the next few months or so