Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Yn Gizarm - 狼王 / For the Motherwolf (2006)

Chinese solo black metal. Quite a fully realized vision, thoughtful compositions, and punchy production for a demo. And you get two mid-paced, keyboard-led passages straight out of the Summoning playbook.

Track listing:
1. 引子 / Intro
2. 山川 / Mountains
3. 狼王 / For the Motherwolf
4. 阴山 / Border Mountain

I can feel the evil spirits whispering my name

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  1. Dude...its more than weird that i just discovered this band yesterday and gave a listen. Haha. That said, i thought it was pretty good! Really liked the more symphonic parts. Also, i dont normally "advertise" my youtube channel, but i really admire and respect your work here, so if you would ever like to chat with me, my channel is called dark hymns from the cold north. I would like to hear your input on some of the music i talk about there.