Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Frazier Chorus - Wide Awake (1995)

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Third and final album from the quietly brilliant Frazier Chorus. On Wide Awake, they embraced a smooth, R&B-ish, 90s production style, with palm muted guitars, downtempo beats, muted horn lines, and other stuff that might make for good make-out music if you don't listen to the lyrics.

Track listing:
1. Wide Awake
2. If the Weather Was Up to Me
3. Bye-Bye Little Bird
4. Here We Are
5. Take Us Away
6. Driving
7. Lie, Mimic and Mime
8. Sound Asleep

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  1. not so keen on the 1st Frasier Chorus album, but loving this — quite a change

  2. Real late period China Crisis vibes. That's a good thing.

  3. Frazier Chorus, another example for how things are great on an independent label (ref their 4AD EP) and a little less great on a major label - at least in my opinion.