Saturday, May 21, 2022

Prinzhorn Dance School - Prinzhorn Dance School (2007)

[Pulled the last post for possible NS content. Thanks to commenter Ektah for the info. Probably should have listened to my gut.]

Here's some extremely minimal art punk with politics that I can get behind. It's hard to imagine more simplistic music than this. For instance, musically, most of "Do You Know Your Butcher" consists of a one-note bass riff and a kick drum, broken up here and there by a choked cymbal hit or a three-note guitar melody. From the accents to their spoken/shouted deliver to their political bent to the male-female dynamic, the vocals have always reminded me of early peace punk. It's a personal all-timer, but some might call it "annoying." I had just moved in with new roommates shortly after this came out, and I was listening to this record really loud, and just as "Crash, Crash, Crash" started, I heard my friend/roommate across the hall angrily yelling, "What the FUCK are you listening to?" 

Track listing:
1. Black Bunker
2. Do You Know Your Butcher
3. Worker
4. Don't Talk to Strangers
5. Hamworthy Sports and Leisure Center
6. You Are the Space Invader
7. Eat, Sleep
8. I Do Not Like Change
9. Lawyers Water Jug
10. Realer, Pretender
11. No Books
12. Up! Up! Up!
13. Crackerjack Docker
14. See M Dahlia
15. Crash, Crash, Crash
16. Space in Your Garden

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  1. cool thanks! it's like sleaford mods that doesn't stink

  2. just bought "home economics" from off their bandcamp.......excellent! thanks for the tip

  3. I'm wondering if the title refers somehow to Hans Prinzhorn's intimate relationship with expressionist danseuse Mary Wigman? Probably not!

  4. you sure that's not an NS symbol on the cover? can't be too sure!

  5. Cendres de Haine has nothing to do with NS. The commenter have be confused and tought it was Chemin de Haine.And you went along.

    1. The commenter was not confused, the issue wasn't with the band, it was with them using what looks very much like a sunwheel on their album cover which, while not exclusively NS, is very much associated with NS, especially when the band doesn't show any other apparent interest in pagan stuff. I don't know any of their lyrics, and they're obviously not full-on NSBM. Just don't want a sunwheel on my blog. Or, ME DUMB AND DO WHATEVER RANDOM COMMENTER SAY. Whichever you like.

    2. so you spent 15 minutes on google and correctly assumed that's not a sunwheel on the cover. now all of the sudden it looks like one.

    3. Lord have mercy. My gut reaction was that it looked like a sunwheel, but I like the album and it's not overtly NSBM so I just posted it along with a caveat; someone else had the same gut reaction, so I said fuck it and took it down. Maybe if it was a super fucking sick record I'd feel more inclined to go to bat for it/them, but at the end of the day, it's an above-average black metal record with a sunwheel (or something that looks a whole lot like one) on the cover, so I'm not gonna bother. Have you never heard of someone changing their mind? Try to wrap your head around it and move on.

    4. Nope, i didn't confuse the band with Chemin de Haine. I would have been a lot more categorical about it being NSBM if so. No, DEAR_SPIRIT was simply asking if the symbol could be indicative of neo-nazi affiliation. And, i'm sorry but the Kolovrat is definitely connoted this way. Might be simple provocation on the band's part or their genuine opinion. Doesn't matter. On this basis, and his own doubts, DEAR_SPIRIT decided to remove the album. Keeping it here and just expressing doubts in the description would have been okay too, i think, but, at the end of the day, he's the one who decides what appears on his blog. And it's perfectly understable if it feels wrong to him to keep the ambiguity here.

  6. You might be wrong or you might be right. Really, though, it doesn't matter. It's your blog and you can do whatever you like. Many, many thanks for all the music!