Saturday, April 1, 2023

Prolapse - Ghosts of Dead Aeroplanes (1999)

Psychedelic, abstract indie drawing from post-punk, post-rock, shoegaze, and Sonic Youth-ish noise rock. Easily the most experimental and my favorite of what I've heard of this band’s catalogue. One of this band's defining characteristics is the push-and-pull between their two vastly different vocalists; on one hand, Linda Steelyard has the kind of angelic, weightless voice that makes you think 4AD or Slowdive or something, while Mick Derrick pretty much just shouts in a thick Scottish accent. On previous Prolapse records, I've honestly found it kinda off-putting -- to be fair, it's probably supposed to be -- whereas here, both vocalists take on a more dreamlike, atmospheric quality.

Track listing:
1. Essence of Cessna
3. Adiabatic
4. Cylinders V12 Beats Cylinders 8
5. One Illness
6. After After
7. Government of Spain
8. Planned Obsolescence

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  1. Really liking it, gracias!!

  2. Ah yes, Prolapse. Great band. Thanks!

  3. Many thanks DEAR_SPIRIT for sharing........Stu