Saturday, March 25, 2023

Jon Appleton & Don Cherry - Human Music (1970)

Got a request for this deeply strange collaborative work from electro-acoustic innovator Jon Appleton and free jazz legend Don Cherry. Sparse, discordant, sonically manipulated sound pieces composed of synth, trumpet, flute, hand drums, and distinctly un-musical mouth noises.

Track listing:
1. BOA
2. OBA
3. ABO
4. BAO

If you like this, listen to:


  1. This does look like it'll be an odd ball. right up our street, eh? I know the players but this album is new to me and much appreciated.

  2. outtakes from this were released in 2016

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  4. I can recommend to Don's fans the recent book on Don & Moki Cherry, "Organic Music Societies" (Blank Forms 06). Chris Bothén's written contributions were particularly ecstatic, including a short bit about witnessing James Blood Ulmer live at Artist House in NYC.

  5. I've got a very scratched/noisy copy of this LP and no turntable, so I'm looking forward to hearing it again! Many thanks!