Thursday, March 23, 2023

Disclose - The Aspects of War (1997)

A chaotic, careening 4-track practice space recording from the great Disclose. As noise-fucked and raw as they ever sounded.

Track listing:
1. Volkssturm (National Storming Party)
2. Courage
3. The Cause of War
4. The Aspects of War
5. Why Isn't There War?
6. Heartless
7. In Fact
8. The Grief
9. Smell of the Rotten Corpse
10. After an Air-Attack

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  1. Did you know that Zippyshare will no longer exist at the end of the month? So if you care, you should take what you still have there down.

    1. I had heard this. Pretty sure most of my Zippyshare links are dead anyway, I'll probably just wait for re-up requests.

  2. Have you listened to this? Crazy lineup!
    It blows my mind that Lemmy and Brian Eno played on an album together.