Saturday, January 27, 2024

Sean Deason - Allegory & Metaphor (2000)

Detroit ambient techno bliss. I got a bunch of shit done earlier, had a workout, then met my buddy for a couple beers, and now I am laying on my couch, petting my cat, and listening to this record. At some point, this became my idea of a perfect Saturday.

Track listing:
1. Creation
2. Phunk
3. Allegory & Metaphor
4. 2030 AD
5. Ambience
6. Interlude
7. Zig
8. Psybadek One
9. My World
10. Hiphoptrak
11. Another Interlude
12. Allegory & Metaphor (Revisited)

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  1. You know how they say that sometimes you can "hear" a picture? I haven't listened to one note of this album, and yet, thanks to that cover, I can totally hear it. (And that's not a dig, it's a complement.) Thanks again for sharing!

  2. Thank you for this fantastic blog <3 hugs by piotre

  3. Wow. First time hearing this and absolutely into it. Like a mellow 808 State

  4. Hi, you wouldnt happen to have :


  5. Thanks, nice and woozy. Sort of been my day today.