Monday, July 1, 2024

Juana Molina - Segundo (2000)

Dreamy, abstract Argentinian indie-folk against a backdrop of minimal electronic textures and pulses. If you're a fan of Vespertine -- which, statistically speaking, you are -- you should find a lot to love here.

Track listing:
1. Martín Fierro
2. ¿Quién?
3. El Perro
4. ¡Que llueva!
5. La visita
6. Quiero
7. Mantra del bicho feo
8. El desconfiado
9. El zorzal
10. El pastor mentiroso
11. Misterio uruguayo
12. Vaca que cambia de querencia
13. MedDlong
14. Sonamos
15. The Wrong Song [hidden track]

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  1. Yeah, this is really nice. Thanks for the tap on the shoulder!

  2. I first discovered Juana Molina through a fellow worker who had moved his family from Argentina. We both loved music and would trade MP3's. Many thanks for this one.


  3. Thank you. I'm so appreciative of the new, to me, bands/groups you've exposed me to.

  4. I have this album. In the intervening years since purchasing, my musical tastes have developed and grown and now more of what I listen to resembles this album. Also, interesting side note, Juana was (perhaps still is) a telenovela actress.

  5. Thanks for sharing an artist from my country. We love Juana, and you have to love her to.

  6. Good to see you back on your blog. Thank you for all of the music you have shared.

  7. Welcome back, son