Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Shalt Become - Poison (2010)

I Shalt Become is a solo black metal project from Illinois. After four quite similar full-lengths of enveloping, hazy depressive black metal, Poison's symphonic elements and fluid, forward-thinking compositions took me completely by surprise. Three years later, I still haven't completely wrapped my head around it. Way more people should listen to this band.

Track listing:
1. Like a Lamb to the Slaughter...
2. Black Swan Events
3. Harlow's Vertical Chamber Apparatus
4. No Quarter at the Somme
5. Ghosts
6. Leaving Watership Down
7. The Swarming of the Locusts
8. Doubt
9. The Finest Cut of the Scalpel
10. Absolve Me

A beating that took its toll
A pound of flesh consumed

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