Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Diddys Featuring Paige Douglas - Agony & Extasy (1977)

Soul/funk/disco that's fit for the stereo in heaven. Gently psychedelic, ridiculously chill songs about stuff like having sex in outer space, with a blurry, synth-y, analogue sound that would sound right at home on a chillwave record.

Track listing:
1. My Special Love (Disco Mix)
2. Intergalactic Love Song
3. I Love You Baby
4. My Special Love
5. Strange Love
6. Your Love Is Like a See-Saw Baby
7. I Love You Girl
8. How Long Have You Loved Him

L  O  V  E

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  1. More dude sex lmao!

  2. hey do you have an uploadable phil yost's "touchwood's dream"? Cuz you sure do get yo hands on some rare ones! Can't find a living link and from what I can tell, this is a good un! hope you're well

    1. I fucking wish. I have the other two but Touchwood's Dream continues to elude me. How 'bout if I ever find it I'll post it, and if you ever find it you'll put a link right here, deal?

    2. that's a good deal! thanks

  3. Hair Low! - this is one of the greatest music sites in exstence, if not the greatest, as I keep telling anyone who will listen and even those who won't, I yell Opium Hum, Opium Hum in their faces in the hope that they get the message eventually. If you get chance, would you mind re-upping this record with a new link, coz zippyshare's been blocked in UK. Thanks a million for all your efforts