Friday, April 27, 2018

Wind of the Black Mountains - Sing Thou Unholy Servants (1996)

Ridiculously under-appreciated US black metal. Druggy, esoteric, occult vibes via homespun, primal blasphemy à la early Bathory. Sing Thou Unholy Servants was, thanks to ye olde Napster, one of the first black metal records I ever heard, so it's always been somewhat of a classic to me -- which it might've been to others, too, if anyone ever listened to it.

Track listing:
1. Forcefed into Blasphemy
2. An Autumn Evening
3. Black Goat
4. Beautiful Sorrow
5. Adversary (Taste of Forbidden Desire)
6. The Rite of Darkness [Bathory cover]
7. The Shadow (Hill of the Horned Goat)
8. Thou Shall Not Mourn

Show me your true form
Cloven hooves of power
Shall rule the world

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