Saturday, May 1, 2021

Ida - The Braille Night (2001)

Downcast, low-key love songs with rich vocal harmonies courtesy of three lead vocalists. Ida have been accused of trying too hard to be pretty, and they're definitely too earnest to be considered 'cool', but I got into them at just the right time -- in my early 20s, trying to navigate a doomed relationship -- and this record (and Will You Find Me) have stuck with me to this day.

Track listing:
1. Let's Go Walking
2. Ignatia Amara
3. Arrowheads
4. So Long
5. Blizzard of '78
6. So Worn Out
7. The Braille Night
8. Gladiolas
9. Ocean of Glass
10. Moves Through the Air

We're just haunted in our skins
By all that could have been
You hide it from your face
But it still shows

More sad lovey-dovey music:


  1. Seriously, why I let go of this record, well, who the fuck cares. Thanks for reminding me. I'm really happy to rediscover this, with your help of course. Thank you

  2. not to mention the fact that Daniel Littleton was in The Hated (top-5 band ever for me) and plays guitar in Ida.

  3. Great band. Do you have Album "I Know About You" too?
    Thank you.

    1. I do, I have all their stuff: