Monday, August 3, 2020

Mark Isham - Vapor Drawings (1983)

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Easily my favorite Mark Isham record, not to mention one of my all-time favorite new age records. Synths, trumpet, and more meld together into a single warm, shimmering ocean of sound.

Track listing:
1. Many Chinas
2. Sympathy and Acknowledgment
3. On the Threshold of Liberty
4. When Things Dream
5. Raffles in Rio
6. Something Nice for My Dog
7. Men Before the Mirror
8. Mr. Moto's Penguin (Who'd Be an Eskimo's Wife)
9. In the Blue Distance

I demand a better future

Similar sounds:
Harold Budd -
The Pavilion of Dreams (1978)
Rainer Brüninghaus -
Continuum (1983)


  1. we need a better present

    (diggin dis much props from Colombia)

  2. You got all this Harold Budd stuff but I dont see any Jon Hassell (I cant say what his best is but i find i like %80 - %90 of his stuff.... u should give a listen or if u already have maybe upload what u like?)


  3. I bought a copy of this solely based on the song title "Something Nice for My Dog" - was not disappointed

  4. i just adore how you keep uploading vinyls to these days! been like 4 years since i met this amazing blog, thanks a mil!