Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Other Colors - Natural Motion (2016)

Sophisticated, hazily anxious Baltimore indie. Been wanting to post this since it first came out, as this band is so fucking slept-on that the fifth search result for "other colors natural motion" is a link to a motion-activated night light for your toilet.

Track listing:
1. Return to Life
2. Natural Motion
3. Livin' the Same
4. Color Me Whatever
5. Awaken the Feeling
6. You Know the One
7. Something Flashy
8. Dream of Mine
9. Is It Over?

Space out and see

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  1. This would compliment the bathroom experience if the toilet played this music and the wallpaper looked like the album cover.

  2. Man, thanks so much for this music. Very awesome blog

  3. Being sighted......I HAVE a motion activated night light for my toilet!!!! Greatness as always....