Thursday, July 23, 2020

Red Snapper - Prince Blimey (1996)

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I've been slowly burning through an extensive backlog of unpublished comments and requests, and apparently back in February, someone requested more Red Snapper, AND I just so happened to be listening to Red Snapper when I finally saw said request, so here we are. Honestly, what with everything in the world being so goddamn awful, I've been feeling pretty depressed, and this is one of the first records that's truly lifted my spirits in a while. Prince Blimey is their second and probably best album. A super-tight rhythm section driven by heavy double bass, plus lots of saxophone and spaced-out guitar.

Track listing:
1. Crusoe Takes a Trip
2. 3 Strikes and You're Out
3. Thomas the Fib
4. Get Some Sleep Tiger
5. Fatboy's Dust
6. Moonbuggy
7. The Paranoid
8. Space Sickness
9. The Last One
10. Digging Doctor What What
11. Gridlock
12. Lo-Beam

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  1. Ive been depressed all year as well, so, I feel for you. Hopefully we can both find our way out of it. Cheers.

  2. Cheer up, Man! You bring happiness through music and that's more than many do for others in this world!
    We've all been humiliated by this microscopic menace and angry with the governments that profit from it to control the people and enslave us.
    But with guys like you, doing what you can for total strangers, there's surely a way out into something better.
    Cheers from Argentina. Thanks for Red Snapper as well.

  3. Hey man, the awesome albums you share have definitely made my day several times! I have "Mandre II" and "Blueprint for Discovery" among my most-played albums from the last two years, and am digging that Asgaroth album you shared recently.

    Off-topic from this post, I wanted to ask. You link to Asmodian Coven, which I wish hadn't died back in 2017, and I know you've posted the Wintermoon material from that blog here. What's your favorite material you ever heard from that blog?

    1. The first thing that came to mind is the Altar of Perversion demo, but I'm sure there's a bunch of stuff. I actually got that Wintermoon off of Soulseek, so if it's the same rip, I got it secondhand. Asmodian Coven was a fantastic blog tho.

    2. let me also agree with the ANONYMOUS . i have been keeping up with this blog for 2 years. you ignited me into digging really deep for music and try showing it to others. keep lifting yourself out of this rut the way you lift us . real shit

  4. probably not related to this post at all but can you post something post-metal or post-punk with a female at the vocals? that is also not fast paced

  5. Once again. Thank You......You keep coming up with the good shit i have not heard,,, Although you are costing me more money,Because.. i HAVE to buy a physical copy, when i really like an album...Keep up the good work.
    Peace EveryTime