Thursday, March 4, 2021

Pieter Nooten & Michael Brook - Sleeps with the Fishes (1987)

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Excellent one-off collaboration between Pieter Nooten (of Clan of Xymox) and ambient composer/guitarist Michael Brook. Drifting synths, mournful strings, murmured singing, heartbreaking songs. Very 4AD.

Track listing:
1. Several Times I
2. Searching
3. The Choice
4. After the Call
5. Finally II
6. Instrumental
7. Suddenly II
8. Suddenly I
9. Clouds
10. Finally I
11. Several Times II
12. Equal Ways
13. These Waves
14. Time
15. Several Times III

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  1. Fantastic album !....many thanks for sharing this, it is very much appreciated DEAR_SPIRIT .

  2. "Very 4AD" means I'm instantly in for it ;) Thank you D_S for this, although I couldn't get out of bed all day I'm now looking forward to this very promising "coping skill" courtesy of you.

  3. Very glad somebody pays attention to this record..
    Beautiful sounds.