Friday, August 12, 2022

Dissecting Table - Ultimate Psychological Description II (1993)

I'm been visiting with family back east, and won't be back to normal life for another week and a half, so posting will be slow-to-non-existent until then. That said: here's Dissecting Table. As I mentioned in my Zeni Geva post, I couldn't decide which Dissecting Table record to post and in the end, as with that post, I just went with my personal favorite. Ultimate Psychological Description II is a panic-stricken controlled cacophony of industrial noise, hectic percussion and synths, and distorted vocal ejaculations. Starting in the mid-aughts, Dissecting Table started releasing harsh noise albums at an absolutely insane rate, so there is a staggering number of DT albums that I have never heard; any tips on which of those are most worthy would be appreciated.

Track listing:
1. Hymn
2. Kill the God
3. Accomplishment
4. Execution
5. Dead Gods
6. I Get My Slogan
7. Control Matter
8. Untitled
9. Silent Violence
10. Camouflage

More laid-back tunes for sunshine, good times, and fine wine:


  1. Same here; for no particular reason I've only heard his material up to '98, much of which I'd recommend. Hope you don't mind, DS, if I post Early Studio Works, which contains the first Ultimate Psychological Description EP, half of which includes a guest spot from Yoshida from Ruins.

  2. I gotta say, too, that the albums Human Breeding and Life are exponentially more brainiac than the primitive rant 'n' rhythm of Ichiro's earliest output.

  3. dumb: i thought Ultimate #2 was a separate album, but it looks to contain the original EP as well --- my initial post is (mostly) superfluous. my bad