Friday, August 5, 2022

Zeni Geva - Desire for Agony (1993)

Got a request for some Dissecting Table, Zeni Geva, and Bastard Noise. The latter I don't really feel qualified to take on: I know Man Is the Bastard pretty well, and have heard (and even played a show with) Bastard Noise, but I really never took the dive on them, partially because I never knew where to start (hint, hint). Zeni Geva, though, is a very different story. Not only do I think they're one of the best bands to have ever graced this otherwise wretched thing we call human existence, but they've influenced my own music as much as any other band. Desire for Agony was the first record of theirs I ever heard, and it's still my favorite. If I ever finish working on this "my top 100 favorite albums" post I've been kicking around for 5 years or so now, you'll see this on it. Blunt, heavy noise rock with an undercurrent of Melvins-y sludge. I envy those of you who are about to hear this band for the first time, as there are bound to be at least a few of you. And here come the nerds to tell me why this is FAR from the best Zeni Geva record.

(A Dissecting Table post should be up soon as well; I'm having trouble picking an album.)

Track listing:
1. Stigma
2. Dead Sun Rising
3. Desire for Agony
4. Heathen Blood
5. Disgraceland
6. Whiteout
7. Love Bite
8. Autopsy Love
9. The Body

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  1. Rogue Astronaut is a pretty trippy Bastard Noise release.

  2. Thanks for this post, I never heard anything from them. Can't wait to listen to this.

    As for the Dissecting table comment of yours (having trouble to pick an album), my favorite album of DT is by a long shot Ultimate psychological description II (released around 1991). Beside one track (an high pitch annoying track), the rest of the album is killer.


    Gilbert Lachance

    1. Ha, I'm glad to hear it, because I ended up writing about Ultimate Psychological Description II right after I finished making this post, as it's also my favorite. God what a fucking sick album. I was just hemming and hawing because I'm neurotic about this stuff sometimes, and all the early albums are great. Thanks for the input!

  3. The first time I ever heard them was at a festival in 1997. A guy I knew intensely recommended to them on the day if i could, so I wandered over after seeing The Bloodhound Gang while eating a footlong hotdog with the lot (I can't separate those things in my mind ha ha). Zeni Geva came on and I stood there like a stunned mullet for an hour. Goddamn they were HEAVY. Thanks heaps for this one, I never got to hear this record back in the day!

  4. Someone gave me a Zeni Geva album in the 90's. I never got my head around it. I got my head around this. Awesome stuff. Only 30 years later.

  5. Dissecting Table is amazing! His earlier albums are more rhythmically-oriented industrial. His later albums got more into straight noise, although I haven’t heard all his recent albums, because I prefer the earlier ones.

    Best of the early albums is Into the Light.