Sunday, November 27, 2022

Joel Andrews - The Violet Flame (1977)

Two extended spiritual meditations for solo harp. Mr. Andrews is also a new age author and "music healer" who purports to psychically communicate with celestial beings whose wisdom he spontaneously translates into music, which is fun. Found this LP, along with another Andrews record, in a box of easy listening LPs at my old job, and probably paid around 50 cents for it. Man, I miss working at a record store.

Other LPs I found through similar circumstances:


  1. Found a cheap copy of this online, just for the amazeballs cover!

  2. Nice one! Thank you. Curious Im guessing your in OR maybe Portland. The last time I was there they closed Everyday Music in Beaverton got nixed and it was a favorite of mine for odd music gems. Actually quite a few good stores closed a shame Portland had a real nice scene for music collectors..