Sunday, November 19, 2023

Steve Khan • Rob Mounsey - Local Color (1987)

Great collaboration between guitarist Steve Khan, who I discovered years ago when I bought his album Arrows based solely on its artwork, and keyboardist/synth-guy Rob Mounsey, who I don't think I've listened to outside of this record. Khan's jazz background certainly shines through, but the dated synths and drum sequencers make Local Color feel predominantly like a new age record.

Track listing:
1. Tafiya
2. The Blue Rose
3. I See a Long Journey
4. Gondolas
5. Intruder
6. The Hunt

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  1. I love this one, and Khan is an underrated ripper. Mounsey also had a thing called Flying Monkey Orchestra (I think?) and did some fun production work, like the bargain bin classic "Skindive" by Michael Franks.

  2. I think Rob worked with Spyro Gyra in the early years ...

  3. A fantastic record, thanks!

  4. This one rips in many unexpected ways. Great upload as always Dear Spirit