Friday, July 12, 2013

Black Funeral - Az-I-Dahak (2004) + Waters of Weeping (2007)

Two albums from otherworldly US black metal institution Black Funeral. Az-I-Dahak found them nailing down a harsh, synthetic sound, and Waters of Weeping is their most diverse and experimental record. Esoteric, unsettling sounds from this eternally under-appreciated band.

Track listing:
1. Druj Nasu
2. Daevodata
3. Az-I-Dahak (Awake)
4. Dahak (Serpent Arise)
5. Eyes of Arashk
6. Kiss of Serpents
7. Sutekh (Chaos)
8. Astovihad
9. The Fallen Arise
-Waters of Weeping-
1. INTRO-Qemetiel and Belia’al
2. Nehemoth-MALKUTH (NAMVTh) - Earth
3. Gamaliel the Obscene-YESOD (LYLYTh) - Moon
4. Shaâ•˙arimrath, the Eighth Hell-HOD (SMALADRAMALECH)-Mercury
5. Harab Serapel, the Ravens of Death-NETZACH (BaelTubal Cain)
6. Lord of the Dead -TIPHERETH (Belphegor/Paimon) TAGAHRIM
7. The One Adorned in Fire-GEBURAH (Asmodeus) GOLAB MARS
8. Devourers of Spirit-CHESED (Astaroth) Gamchicoth JUPITER Outer form-Order of Azariel AZRYAL-the Binding ones)
9. Hell of Sathariel-BINAH (Lucifuge Rofocale = Satariel)
10. Loathsome Serpents (Ogiel)-CHOKMAH (Beelzebub = Chaigidel)
11. Thaumiel-The Deepest Hell-KETHER (SatanMoloch = Thamiel)

Dreams of black horror

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