Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Slow Death - II (2012)

First-rate, epic doom metal from Australia. On II, The Slow Death strike an excellent balance between gorgeous, shimmering melodies and crushing heaviness. Generous use of chiming clean guitars, pianos and other keyboards, and "beauty and the beast" vocals. Don't worry, the clean female vocals are mostly in a mid-to-low octave, avoiding the frilly, faux operatic leanings and pitch problems that have ruined so many otherwise great bands.

Track listing:
1. The Long March
2. Empty Places
3. To Your Fate
4. Reflections in Shattered Glass
5. Reclaimed by Dust

Twisted shapes swathed in keloidal scars
Misshapen forms seeking for shelter
For nourishment in endless desolation
Like the final trickle of a distant flood
We are putrid remnants, stained by the endless miles.